Our Gala Nights

Pigs Fly Productions has a red carpet Gala opening night with each show. We donate a portion of the opening nights box office takings to a charity. This year our chosen charity is Can Assist.

The Seat of Remembrance

On every opening night, we shall place a single red rose on the seat that is centre stage in the front row. This seat shall remain vacant. No person shall be allowed to use it. None. The vacant seat shall be a symbol of our respect for those who couldn’t be with us in body, to enjoy the opening night of this special moment in our lives. It shall be a symbol of remembrance for our fellow theatre friends, our parents and other loved ones who have pass on but shall never be forgotten. But it’s not about one person, it’s for every cast and crew member to think about their loss, reflect and deliver the greatest performance of their lives. That is the right thing to do. THAT is the Pigs

Fly way.