Pigs Fly Productions Inc. are very honoured and proud to announce that actor, writer and director DAVID LETCH is now our Patron.

Dave has worked across film, television and theatre in a career that covers acting, writing and directing.

He has an international reputation for working with writers crossing over to theatre or film and also adapting material from one platform to another. He has worked with Andrew McGahan (Miles Franklin winner), Sue Gough (international young people’s writer), Larry Buttrose (diarist and novelist), Loubna Haikal (novelist, Seducing Mr McLean), Brian Callison (Dundee based ‘At Sea’, thriller writer). He is also regular assessor and advisor to several film funding agencies. His acting career saw him play many leads in TV and features inc with Tommy Lee Jones & Jane Campion’s An Angel At My Table and played the nasty in the Grand Prix Winning horror film Death Warmed Up. He received a nomination as best actor from British Vogue for his performance in the mini series Heart of the High Country, for British Television.

In 1991, with Shaun Charles he formed RENEGADE Inc. a theatre company dedicated to new Australian writing that was based out of THE METRO in Brisbane. He has produced and directed many award winning short films and documentaries and created the most successful young people’s operas for Opera Qld where he has also directed for the main stage. He was a writer’s mentor for “tropnest” based at Fox Studios. He has sat on the board of the ANPC (Australian National Playwrights Centre) and was Vice President of Brisbane Independent Filmmakers, a grass roots film production and development resource for filmmakers. He was founding editor in chief of ‘exposure’ film and arts magazine and the international short film festival of the same name.

He has held the position of artist in residence to James Cook University where he created the acting for camera component of the Bachelor of Theatre degree and taught specialist areas in Alexander Technique, improvisation and Shakespeare.

He has been dramaturge to the Melbourne Theatre Company, Queensland Theatre Company, Playbox/Malthouse and has been guest director and advising literary consultant for the Auckland Theatre Company. His productions have included A Tree Falling by Ron Elisha ( nominated for a Green Room Award), The Blind by Maeterlinck, Solitary Animals by Elaine Acworth and Wrongful Life. Dave is a regular director for and consultant to Parnassus’ Den. For this company, he directed in-studio The Bonnet by Brian Hungerford, Batavia by Patrick Carr, Points of Exit, by Loubna Haikal, The Four-Tongued Beastie of Babel by Larry Buttrose and Rio Saki & Other Falling Debris by Shaun Charles, which then toured for a season at La Mama in Melbourne. He has directed A Handful Of Friends by David Williamson and The Staircase by Charles Dyer and the critically acclaimed RENAISSANCE for Parnassus Den at The Old Fitz. In October of last year, he directed in studio The Parricide, a metabiography of Dostoyevsky, by Diane Stubbings.

Several years ago, he joined forces with Community Movie Productions, based in the Southern Highlands, and shot the feature. WISHBONE, written by Jonathan Hardy, a Southern Highlands resident and AFI Award Winner and Academy Award Nominee for the feature for one of Australia’s most iconic films, Breaker Morant.

He is currently in production of a television pilot The Chef’s Feet and was, for a time, a regular contributor for Your Times magazine. Currently he is writing a screenplay to be shot in New Zealand, and also in the early stages of production for a further Jonathan Hardy screenplay, “A Tree, Falling” which will star Greta Scaachi.

We are truly honoured to have Dave as our Patron.